Developmental Milestones


(1-2 years)

drawing of toddler


Developmental Milestones
Ideas for Learning and Growth

Follow these four rules when creating a toilet training plan for your child:

  1. Be positive: children learn better with praise than criticism, so focus on successes, no matter how small.
  2. Be consistent: children respond best to reasonable, reliable expectations and consequences.
  3. Stay involved and observe: you have to be consistent, but your child will keep changing and growing, so pay close attention and adapt to changes.
  4. Enjoy: toilet training can be as funny as you make it, so choose to make it fun for everyone.
Don’t Worry. But Don’t Wait.

Should you be concerned? Perhaps. If you are concerned, call right away. If your child is on track, you’ll be reassured. If your child needs assistance, you’ll find out now, when it’s the best time to help!

Get Support
Get a developmental screen: the Ages and Stages Questionnaire is a child development screener that allows you to check in on how your child is growing and learning.
Get A Developmental Screen