Home Visiting

Help at Your Doorstep

Fortunately, Help Me Grow is a free service that connects pregnant women and families with newborns to information and community resources. Help Me Grow Care Coordinators can send a caring expert—in maternal child health or child development—right to your door. Your Home Visiting professional can help you have a healthier pregnancy and birth… teach you how to monitor your baby’s growth and development… and answer questions about parenting, breastfeeding, health care, and more.

Mothers who received regular home visits starting early in their pregnancies had up to 75% fewer low birth-weight babies than moms who did not receive visits.

Children who received home visits perform better in school, with higher math/reading scores by third grade, than kids who did not receive home visits. Children who received home visits were 56% more likely to graduate from high school than kids who did not receive home visits.

Home Visiting

Connect with a Help Me Grow Care Coordinator at 616-742-8903.