Explore Through Movement and Play

There are many different kinds of play: imaginative and pretend play, creative activities such as drawing, all sorts of games, and physical play, such as rolling a ball or dancing. Movement and play are good for children’s bodies and brains. Movement and play keep children healthy and build their coordination and strength. Children also explore and learn about the world through movement and play.

Each stage of development comes with new opportunities for learning. An infant might explore by touching, grasping, banging something, or crawling. A toddler might explore by walking or climbing. Young children are like scientists—curious and excited to learn about their surroundings. See where your child’s curiosity takes them, and build on their interests.

Watch the video to see the everyday ways that families explore through movement and play.


Download Tip Sheets:

Explore Through Movement and Play Tip Sheet
Toddlers & Preschoolers (12-60 Months Old)