Ready Parents

Every Child Needs to Feel Nurtured

You are your child’s hero. You are your child’s chief protector, best provider, and first and best teacher. Three big jobs. And no one can do it alone. If you need support to make sure your child feels safe, loved, respected and cared for… no matter what… just ask. When your child feels unconditional love, she will develop:

​SELF-CONFIDENCE to make mistakes, learn from them, and develop independence.

​SELF-CONTROL to make good choices, wait her turn, follow rules, respect routines, and stick with a task, even when it is difficult.

THINKING SKILLS to figure out how things work, solve problems, put things in order, make a plan… all important to success in school and life.

  • ​Remind your children you love them every chance you get.
  • Set high expectations, and praise their efforts to learn.
  • Hug them every day. Remember you can dislike the behavior and still love your child!
Ready parents

Ask for help at your local school or library.